Paper Rope Summer Cross Bag Model

Welcome summer with luggage you knit!

Summer can be very stylish with this straw look luggage that you will knit with paper rope!

Let’s start!


Paper rope3 mm crochet


You Can knit with the specified color paper rope.

1) We pull out 10 chains and form a ring.

2) Pull 3 chains and 4 triple handrails, 5 chains, 5 triple handrails, FIVE chains, FIVE triple handrails, FIVE chains, FIVE triple handrails, FIVE chains and at the end of the row We combine with looping.

3) We pull 3 chains and go to the highest. We make 1 triple railing in the first chain hollow space, 1 triple railing in every of the FIVE handrails, and a pair of triple razors within the chain clearance. We pull FIVE chains and make 2 triple handrails within the related area. Again, we make 1 triple handrail on most sensible of 5 handrails, we make 2 triple handrails in the space, then we pull FIVE chains and make 2 more handrails in the related area. We knit all the row on this way (9 handrails, 5 chains, NINE handrails, FIVE chains ..). We end the series with a loop shift.

We knit the similar manner with a complete of 8 rows. You’ll Be Able To make the color adjustments as you would like.

collection of handrails within the queues can be: 5-NINE-13-17-21-25-29-33. WE ARE getting ready 2 motifs according to these numbers.

4) We pull 11 chains + THREE chains and begin knitting our stalk by way of making 1 triple handrail to every chain.

5) 3 chains on the end of every row and to the highest row we’re going through. We continue to make 1 triple handrail in every loop. This maintain we knit will even form the perimeters and base of our bag.

6) While it involves the duration we wish, we mix it with frequent needles with loops at the head. We combine motifs on all sides of the take care of with frequent needles from beginning to end.

Our bag is over.

Use it on stunning days!

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