Paper Striped Bag Making

Have You Ever tried making luggage from paper thread?

you’ll use your crocheted paper thread bags on an everyday foundation to boot as on the beach and on vacation.

< strong> forms of baggage that you just could make from paper rope; Grab bag, beach bag, purse, sleeve bag and so on.


Loren Paper Paper Rope;
3 Saks Mavi (RH15) colour
2 items of White (RH17) colors3 mm crochet


x = Needle

v = Building Up (More Than 1 needle is inserted into 1 widespread needle.) (Ex. 1v = 2x)



1) It starts with SIXTY ONE chains. 60x is made on either side of the chains, 2v (3x) at the corners.

2) It Is stepped forward by way of increasing 60x for EIGHT rows and 1 in each and every corner. 3) No ninth increment.

4) 3 rows of white (6 strips in total), 7 rows of military blue (6 strips in total) knit x for 68 rows.

* sixty fifth holes are created for the bond.


1) For the hanger from the edges in the 69th row, 16x, 60 rows are continued.

* 60 rows are knitted on either side and combined in the middle.

<Your bag is about!

Just Right bye.

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