Passionflower Model Child Beanie Making

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We introduced you a very easy and really trendy kid beret.

you’ll love this beret, which we knit with the passionfruit knitting fashion that has been in style for several years.

Let’s get started in no time!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads;
1 Lilac (K1714) colour thread
1 Cream (K019) colour thread2 mm crochet Pompom


Lila colour starts with a rope.

1. 15 double handrails are positioned into the magic ring and combined with the loop sliding way.

2. Increase is made by means of double dipping into the hand rail. A triple handrail is made via wrapping it from a entrance to a back and a again of a hand, no longer from the Trabzan Hills.

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3. The collection of one knit, 1 build up is done.

Important: The railing, which we knit from the again, is wrapped across the again until the beret ends. we weave. The handrails that we have now wrapped in entrance are knitted from the front.

we’ve created 7 embossed handrails and 7 pit handrails sections. We should have higher each the hole handrails and the embossed handrails in each row.

4. Subsequent rows 2 eg, increment 1; 3 knit, build up 1; We proceed increasing as FOUR ex, 1 increment till 11 ex, 1 increment.

5. After that, 12 – 14 rows are knitted without any increment. As shown in the picture underneath, THREE rows of cream, 1 rows of lilac, 3 rows of cream, 1 row of lilac and the remainder of the beret might be knitted with cream color; you’ll also make the whole beret in a single colour.

6. it is finished by knitting 10-12 rows with crocheted rubber knitting.


Health for your hand!

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