Patterned Blouse and Skirt Making

You’ll be fascinated with the motifs!

you’ll get many varieties of motifs by using the easiest and most familiar easy techniques of knitting. you’ll make knits reminiscent of blouses, skirts, cardigans and vests with the motifs you are making. when you like the type, start knitting immediately.


* General collection of threads for blouse and skirt;

Snowball Cotton Combine thread;
5 items of White (2116S) colour thread
3x Sax Blue (2120S) color thread
2x Blue (2106S) color thread
1x Mild Blue (2133S) color thread5mm crochet



* Appropriate for 36 sizes.

* Both skirt and shirt motif are made the similar.

* Shirt includes EIGHT motifs.

* Skirt includes 20 motifs.

1) 5 chains are pulled again and locks are made from the first chain to form the ring.

2) EIGHT frequent needles are made into the ring.

3) 3rd row SIXTEEN common needles are made. (2 each and every is made to every needle.)

4) 16 double handrails are made in the 4th row. (1 chain is made between the Trabzans.)

5) THREE double handrails are made to every chain clearance.

for 4 corners; THREE double handrails, 3 chains and 3 double handrails are made in the same area, respectively.


Patterned Blouse and Skirt Making

Patterned Blouse and Skirt Making

6) 3 double handrails are made at the corners with 1 chain among them. 2 chains are made among the handrails between the corners. Simplest 2 chains are pulled together at the corners.

8) The pattern is finished by making 1 double handrail on each railing.

Your patterned skirt and shirt set that you simply could make in the colors you need is about!

Use on colorful days.

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