Patterned Collar Making

Will the trend of season proceed to knit with development motifs?

you can end this patterned neck collar in a few hours with colourful thick threads.

let’s get started right away!


Snowball Elite Wool Grande rope;
1 Mustard Yellow (K1333) color rope
1 Orange (K1211) colour rope
1 Turquoise (K1512) colour ropeYarnart Merino Cumbersome rope; < br /> 1 Fuchsia (8041) colour thread
1 Red (556) color ip5 mm crochet


you’ll be able to get started with the color thread you need and change colour in any order .

1. We pull 4 chains and slide a loop into the first chain to form a hoop.

2. EIGHT favorites within the ring we make needles.

3. We take the second row through pulling THREE chains and make a double almond fashion on every widespread needle. For the almond fashion, we wrap a yarn by means of crocheting a crochet thread, take the crochet rope once more and take off simplest the first two threads within the crochet hook, again we crochet the crochet thread and take the same thread, we take out the primary threads within the crochet hook, after which we come out from all crochet threads. in this means we make double almonds. We pull 2 ​​chains among each and every almond model.

4. We make the third row via pulling 3 chains and we make a triple almond type to the gaps we draw in the bottom row. For the triple almond pattern, we will knit similar to the double almond pattern, we simply wish to sink the loop 1 extra time. We sink three times in 1 loop. We pull 3 chains between each and every almond.

5. We visit the fourth row through pulling 3 chains and knit into the blanks we pull the ground row. The corners are THREE double handrails, 2 chains, THREE double handrails within the similar space, we make 3 double handrails in a single house in between and draw 1 chain and transfer directly to the next area. We continue precisely until the top of the line.

6. We go to the 5th row by pulling 3 chains and again we paintings in the bottom row. We make THREE double handrails on the corners, 2 chains, THREE double handrails within the similar area. In between, we make double handrails in areas, we pass from the chain to the opposite area.

7. We make 3 double handrails, 2 chains, THREE double handrails on the corners, pull 2 ​​chains in among and make popcorn. We make THREE double handrails for Popcorn and gather them all in one loop.

Our motif is over! In this manner, we make a total of four motifs and sew them together. Then we move a series of double handrails round our weave.

8C28B368-B9C6-4393-86AA-0D14EE5F96F8.jpe motif -period

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