Patterned Tasseled Blouse Making

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We’ve Got brought you a very fashionable shirt fashion that you just can wear easily in cool summer time and spring evenings!

you’re going to love this knitting trend that you just can simply knit.

Let’s get started knitting very quickly!


2 Snowballs Ak-Soft Beige (K5014) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm crochet


Square Motif (2 items)

1. A loop is created by way of pulling 4 chains and sliding the loop to the primary chain.

2. THREE within the ring FOUR teams are made in the type of double handrails, 2 chains. The row is done via loop wrapping.

3. THREE double handrails, 2 chains, THREE double handrails are made into the bottom area of the chain. The row is done with loop shift.

4. THREE double handrails, 2 chains are attracted to the bottom row chain areas, and the next house is handed. A nook is created through making THREE double handrails, 2 chains and three double handrails on this house. on this way, the row is knitted to the end.

In the following rows, 3 double handrails, 2 chains and three double handrails are made within the corners. THREE double handrails are made in the intermediate spaces and 2 chains are pulled and the following house is passed. it is knitted in this approach till there are 15 rows in general.



Triangular Motif (2 items)

1. 6 chains are drawn, from the 3rd chain, 1 double railing is made to each chain. At the tip of the row, a total of 4 handrails are acquired with the first chain.

2. 2 chains are taken to the highest row, 2 double handrails are made to 2 loops, 2 chains are pulled, the loop is skipped the remainder 2 loops are fabricated from one double handrail.

3. 2 chains are raised to the highest, every loop is made of double handrails, 1 double railing, 2 chains within the chain cavity , 1 double handrail is made.

Step THREE is repeated till there are 30 rows.





Square motifs are folded in part to be an arm and triangular motifs are sewn between them. section of the arm knit by making double handrails for five rows. 1 row of needles are knitted to the closing collar. The skirt is adorned with tassels. motif-puffed-blouse-construction-3


And our motif and tassel shirt is ready!



Health on your hand!

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