Patterned Trousers Making

Have You Ever tried to knit patterned trousers which will mark the summer time?

you may also have made knit models corresponding to blouses, vests, skirts and shorts before knitting. Smartly, have you tried to knit patterned trousers from knit? crochet



* Suitable for grownup S dimension. (Period EIGHTY cm)

1) 6 chains are drawn and the hoop is shaped and locked from the chain .

2) 12 double handrails are made inside the ring .

3) 2 double handrails , 2 chains , 2 double handrails are made. (the same operation is done till the tip of the row.)

4) z in the backside row, there are 1 double handrail into the spaces with figs 1 double railing , 1 double railing , 2 chains into the distance, 1 double railing in the same house.

* This is completed for 10 rows.

* 10 motifs are enough for 1 leg of this motif.

Use your knit pants on excellent days.

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