Peanut Dream Pouch Fiber Making

Hi everybody!

We Have designed a very great fiber for you!

Additionally this pouch fiber may be very useful!

Let’s start knitting this colorful fiber together!


Snowball Crystal hand knitting threads;
Snow White (K010) colour thread
Purple (K771) color thread
Fuchsia (K1733) color thread < br /> Crimson (K749) color ip2 mm crochet


We knit with snow white colour thread.

1) We pull 8 chains and form a ring . We draw FIVE chains and make 1 double railing inside the ring. We create gaps within the related way by pulling 2 chains and railing within the ring. on the finish of the row, we pull 2 ​​chains and mix them with the chain we pull in the first place. There should be a total of 12 blanks.

We knit with purple thread.

2) We knit 4 peanuts in the blanks. In other words, we pull our string 4 instances through sinking into the void and acquire all of them in combination. We pull 2 ​​chains between peanuts. There have to be a complete of 12 peanuts.

We knit with a snow-white colour thread. As we move to the other space, we pull 2 ​​chains. We building up on this approach. There need to be a total of 24 peanuts.

We knit with a fuchsia color thread. We pull 2 ​​chains in among. There need to be a complete of 24 peanuts.

We knit with a snow-white colour thread. As we transfer to the opposite space, we pull 2 ​​chains. In this way, we build up the second time. There should be a total of FORTY EIGHT peanuts.

We knit with pink colour thread. We pull 2 ​​chains in among. There should be a complete of 48 peanuts.

We knit with a snow-white color thread. We always pull 2 ​​chains in between. There must be a complete of FORTY EIGHT peanuts. We tear off the thread.

EIGHT) We knit another piece from the similar piece.

fistik-ruya-ruyasi -making-1 fistic-spirit-pouch-fiber-making-1

NINE) We combine the two parts by decorating the sides. you can follow the desired side crochet. I pulled FIVE chains and squeezed them with needles to form eyelashes. I persevered the 3 eyelashes in 1 area, 1 triple within the shape of the eyelashes subsequent to it, and 1 unmarried, and i joined the pieces together. We go away enough room at the fiber to suit hand and we do not mix it. I left 8 pistachio blanks.

10) We Start from the place we left. We knit 1 peanut in all blanks. We pull THREE chains in among. There must be a total of 18 peanuts.

ELEVEN) Within The 2nd row, we knit peanuts in the similar approach. This time we pull FOUR chains in among.

12) Within The closing row, we knit peanuts within the similar manner. We pull FIVE chains in between.

THIRTEEN) We combine the fiber and follow the brink crochet right here in addition.

14) White thread We create a lace via twisting the rope.

That’s it!

fistik-ruyasi-sac-fiber-construction fistic-spirit-pouch-fiber-making


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