Pearly Weft Making

Hello !! If we purchased it, let’s start knitting right away!


Snowball Child One hand knitting threads;
White color thread
Crimson (K255) color thread 2.5mm skewer Pearl to brighten

Let’s knit it with a white thread.

1. Let’s start with 6 loops.

2. Let’s knit 15 rows of harasha by way of expanding the perimeters. it’ll be 30 loops in general.

3. a complete of 20 loops must stay.

4. Let’s knit 25 loops with two loops inverted, two loops directly.

5. let’s make a rise in knitting. There need to be a total of 40 loops.

6. Let’s knit 85 rows of harosa.

7. A harosa knit in the form of a reduction Let’s knit the entire row. a complete of 20 loops will have to stay.

8. Let’s knit loops straight, loops opposite 45 rows.

9. the remaining loops Let’s stop. Let’s combine where we make two inverted-two instantly.

We made a spherical to move throughout the different end.


Let’s knit with a red string.

1. Let’s get started 15 stitches.

2. Let’s knit six rows of harosa.

3. Let’s tie the white section with a white thread and embellish it with a pearl.

4. Let’s sew it to the scarf.

That’s it!


And Prepared!


Fingers Health to you!

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