Pencil Weft Making

It’s no longer too past due to make accessories a good way to make your kids love school and chilly weather!

Every So Often you may have bother wearing protecting accessories equivalent to scarves and berets in cold climate.

Amusing Carry it still simple with designs! Let’s start knitting.


Los Angeles Mia Child Cotton rope;
1 Black (L006) color thread
1 Beige (L049) colour thread
1 Purple ( L033) colour thread
2 Mustard Yellow (L003) color thread
1 Grey (L031) colour ip3 mm knitting needle


Pencil Tip

Get Started with a black thread.

1) Start with FOUR loops from the top of the pencil.

2) 6 tooth Till it is greater via 1 on each side, knit harosa. There are SIXTEEN loops in general.

Beige color is started.

3) It Is knitted with 1 build up from the sides until 14 tooth are fallacious. there will be 44 loops in general.

Yellow colour is modified to the rope.

5) Reverse, flat and knit flat until desired duration.

Gray colour is changed.

6) 6 rows straight knit, 1 row of harosa knit, 6 row of flat knit, 1 row of harosa knit, 6 row of flat knit, 1 row of harosa knit, 6 row of flat knit.

Red colour rope is modified.

7) It Is finished by knitting a undeniable weave for 18 rows.

In cold weather, your kids is not going to get cold and can wear this pretty shawl.

Well Being in your fingers!

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