Petite Kids Shoes Making

Hello !!

We brought you a super mom-child booties type.

i can let you know the way to make a lovely booties that youngsters will admire or even mothers and fathers will love.

Let’s get started knitting those cute footwear in an instant!


Snowball Plants hand knitting threads;
Yellow (K330) color thread
Gentle Blue (K506) colour thread < br /> Grey (K1001) colour thread
Black (K940) colour thread
White (K010) colour ip3 mm crochet 2 black color buttons



We knit with a yellow rope.

1) First we make a magic ring or chain ring. within the 1st row, we pull THREE chains and make 12 double handrails. We get THIRTEEN handrails with THREE chains.

2) 2. We make a complete of 26 handrails by making 2 handrails on top of every handrail.

3) THREE. We make a complete of 38 handrails to the loops so as, 1 single and 1 double, respectively.

4) FOUR. We make a complete of 40 handrails via increasing from any place within the queue. After that, we build up 1 handrail from anyplace in each row for EIGHT rows.

We knit with black colour thread.

5) 12. and we make 2 handrails in 13th row.

We knit with yellow thread.

6) 14th, 15th and sixteenth row with out raising We knit.

We pull the rope and fold the rope in order that the back is at the center.

Front is about!


Gentle blue colour We knit with rope.

1) We had completed the front part of the boot and folded the joint with the back to the middle. we begin from 7 loops behind the left. With 12 handrails in entrance, we pull 2 ​​chains and return. While returning, we sink into the second one, not the first handrail. We also sink into the gap shaped in turns at the end of rows.

for those who depend every row, there’ll be no building up or decrease.

2) ELEVEN. After FOUR rows, we building up a handrail in each and every row so that the again phase is somewhat high and doesn’t come out of the foot. After 15 rows, we divide the sides into two widespread needles within the center. in the subsequent row, we cut the 6 needles or and cut them all the way down to 3.

you can make a row extra or one lacking in keeping with your foot.

4) Subsequent row We stick within the center of the three needles so that one needle continues to be.

5) Then we fold the paw in half and end it.

Our paw is set!


We knit with white thread.

1) We weave 6 handrails into the magic ring for the eyes.

2) 2. We knit 12 handrails by double sinking subsequent.

3) THREE. We entire it via making 1 unmarried and 1 double handrail in the order.

We knit with a gray coloured thread.

4) We make the threshold of the needle steadily.

5) We use a black button for the pupil.

6) We also procedure the mouth with a black string.

This Our manner is done! if you need, you’ll be able to combine father / mother-daughter / son.

petite-child-bootie-making petite-kid-

Make it easy for everybody who dies!

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