Pine Tree Christmas Scarf Making

Who’s able for the new Year?

We came to you with a knitting trend so we can draw in your whole consideration on the starting of the year.

Seize the Christmas spirit with this pine tree shawl straight away!


Ruined Woman Tango rope;
1 piece of Inexperienced (A HUNDRED AND FIVE) colour rope
1 piece of Red (33) color rope
1 piece of White (111) colour rope
1 piece Beige (NINETY NINE) colour ip4 mm crochet


Handrails are made by means of dipping the again of the loops (BLO) until the weft ends.

1 ) 3 chains are pulled and the first chain is started by making 1 unmarried handrail. in the 2nd row, 1 handrail is higher from the edges.

2) 1 increase from the beginning and afterwards until the choice of Trabzan is 22.

3) After 22 handrails, the first FIVE loops are stitched, then 12 handrails are made and returned. on this means, FIVE loops are decreased from the start and then.

4) After making 12 handrails for 2 rows, an increase is began on the edges till 22 handrails are again.

FIVE) Whilst once more 22 handrails are decreased, FIVE loops from the start and finish are reduced as within the 3rd row, and the 12 handrails within the middle are knitted.

* Those tactics are the dimensions you need. proceed till it comes.

6) Proceed until there are 25 zigzags in general. when we have 22 loops once more, the scarf is completed.

7) It Will Probably be decorated by way of stitching on the scarf by making pistachio with red and white threads.

Making Pistachio: 4 chains are drawn. the first chain is fabricated from FOUR double handrails, all of them will also be blended in a single loop on the similar time.

Pine Tree Christmas Scarf Making

Pine Tree Christmas Scarf Making


Beige starts with a colored thread.

1) 7 double handrails are made within the magic ring, 2 chains are drawn between the handrails. < /

2) 6 chains are pulled as much as the highest row, 2 chains are made within the bottom row, a 6-hand rail must be made within the bottom row.

3) 6 chains are drawn again and submerged within the space under.

* These operations continue 6 more occasions. The flower has 7 leaves.


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