Pine Tree Keychain Making

The spirit of the new yr got here for your key chains! Isyter bag ornament, use as a key ring or brooch, do not pass over the spirit of the new yr with this tiny pine tree!


1 Snowball Baby One Green colour ip2 mm crochet h2> Abbreviations

Sh: Magic Ring

X: Widespread needle

Zn : Chain

Dc: Double handrails

Dcv: double handrails within the similar loop


1) Turn 1X, 2Zn, 8Dc (8)

2) 2Zn into Sh, first 4Dc from the stitch, 5Dc to the same sew, 3Dc, 1Dcv (14)

3) 2Zn, 7Dc, 5Dc, 6Dc, 1Dcv (20)

to the similar loop < 4) 2Zn flip, 10Dc, 5Dc to the same loop, 9Dc, 1Dcv (26)

5) 2Zn flip, 13Dc to the similar loop 5Dc , 12Dc, 1Dcv (32)

6) Turn 2Zn, 16Dcv, 5Dc, 15Dc, 1Dcv (38)

7) to the similar loop < / strong> We flip round without chain. We make 11X. 2Zn, 8Dc, 5Dc, 7Dc, 1Dcv (22)

8) 2Zn to the similar loop, 5Dc, 10Dc, 1Dcv (28)

9) We flip around with out pulling the chain. 9X, 2Zn, 5Dc, 5Dc, 4Dc, 1Dcv (SIXTEEN)

10) 2Zn turn to the same loop, 5Dc, 7Dc, 1Dcv (22)

11) We make frequent needles around our pine tree with out pulling a series. once we get to the magic ring section, we pull 2Zn and make 5Dc. We proceed to prick continuously around the tree.

We knit 2 pine timber. Whilst our 2d tree is finished, we do not cut the thread, while we mix the mutual loops with common needles, we fill the interior with bead fiber. We make a bow with a crimson rope under gold.


Delightful weaves …

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