Pisi Pisi Beret Making

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Nowadays, I Will Be Able To come up with an excellent simple beanie recipe knitted without reducing, declining. The measurements i’ve given are suitable for ZERO-6 months antique young children. when you need to increase child knits, you’ll build up the selection of skewers and choose your yarn thus. Allow people who are going to do it’s going to be simple now. 80 loops are thrown. 1 flat and 1 reverse rubber is knitted for 7 rows.

2) Flat knitting is started after the tire is finished. 44 rows are made instantly from front and backside is knitted from the back.

3) All loops are closed within the 45th row.

4) The beret is doubled and its aspect seam is made.

5) Subsequent, the aspect stitch is centered and the top stitch is made as follows.


6) Reverse beret provinces. Insert the hand into your ear and make your ear phase clear.

7) The ears are tied with ribbons ..

8) In Any Case, as you’ll be able to see below, nose with pink thread and mustache with white thread.

Good well being.

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