Pistachio Beanie Making

Hello everybody!

Lately, we knit a beret the use of our colourful threads growing from our old knits!

This beret will also be an excellent present on your kids!


1 Snowball Baby One Snow White (K010) color hand knitting yarn Baby wool in the colours you want 2 mm crochet


We knit with white colour thread.

1) We make 36 peanuts and wait for the ground.

2) Then we make 35 peanuts and prepare a protracted strip. in this means, we knit a total of 17 white strips.

We knit with colored threads.

3) In A Similar Fashion, we get ready long colorful strips with 35 quadruple peanuts. 16 colored stripes will suffice.


We knit with white colored thread.

4) We combine the strips we prepare on 36 items of peanuts with THREE chains.

5) Every Time we begin becoming a member of from the colored stripe and ending within the white stripe. After combining all the peanuts and forming the beanie, we begin knitting the tire.

6) We make 1 row of double handrails with crochet for the tire.


7) 2. We knit crochet rubber in the order by means of wrapping our crochet within the waist of the handrails from one entrance to the other.

8) We knit approximately 10-12 rows in this fashion.

9) We pull the chain of the specified length to shirring the beret. or we make peanuts. Then we move it through the packing containers the place the merging is finished and we shrink it.


Our beret is ready!

an overly relaxing and easy knitting type that you can evaluation the rest threads.

Permit everybody who will make it easy!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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