Plush Vest Making

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If You wish to keep trendy and heat while going out during cool spring nights, this plush vest is solely for you!

This vest, that you can simply knit, will add you a different atmosphere with its colourful thread. !


FOUR pieces of Etrofil Rabbit Navy / White (70548) colour hand knitting yarn5 mm 100 cm trimmed skewers


Sizes are suitable for 36 sizes.


Get Started from the shoulders.

1. 15 stitches are started and knitting is done for 1 row.

2. 1 row of one stitches from the inside of the collar it’s increased, knitting without expanding 1 row, 14 rows are larger.

THREE. a total of 22 loops are shaped within the spit and knitting harosa for 20 rows and armpit, the loops are stored within the spit.

the opposite shoulder section is finished in the related means.



Get Started from the shoulders.

1. 15 loops start and knit a knit for 1 row.

2. 1-2 from the interior of the collar. increase and hold the loops.

the opposite shoulder phase is made in the similar manner.

3. While sewing the 2 shoulder parts, 2 loops are added among them and a total of 38 loops within the spit

4. Knitting for 30 rows and knitting the armpit.

Entrance and again shoulders are sewn.



1 . The held loops are blended below the armpit. a total of EIGHTY TWO loops are shaped on the spit.

2. Knit knitting for 50 rows and all loops are minimize and finished.


Health in your hand!

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