Pocket Baby Dress Making

How about making pocket attire for your young children?

We introduced you a candy or candy pocket dress recipe for baby women. so as to make this gorgeous pocket dress, you only wish to recognize simple knitting and harosa knitting. if you happen to are in a position, let’s start knitting our get dressed, that you can easily make with skewers!


Snowball Amigurumi rope;
THREE Blue (K1620) colour threads
4 mm knitting needles4 buttons


Front Face

* Appropriate for 1 12 months antique babies.

1) Starts with SEVENTY TWO loops.

2) 4 rows of knitwear are knit.

THREE) FIVE loops of knitwear are knitted at the edges, creating a general of seven strands of EIGHT flat, 1 harosha.

4) EIGHT rows of knit and ninth place 2,4,6. 2 rows of harosa knits are made in the strips.

5) 2 rows of harasha are knitted within the 1st and 5th tapes after 8 rows.

6) The Similar pattern part is ready up in the haroshaes on the edges in transition to straightforward weave. (The section that may be hahaha will stay as slits.)

* you can lengthen the skirt duration as so much as you wish to have. After this process, cross to the waist.


1) The Sides are knitted within the tire segment via 5 troops. SIXTY SEVEN loops are made as 1 inverted and 1 flat tire for EIGHT rows.

2) Lower FOUR times for the armhole, and until the loop has 38 loops, 1 ‘ Each lower is made.

3) EIGHT rows of rubber are knitted.

Back Side

1) Knit in the comparable way as the entrance face. (Until the top of the tire.)

2) It’s persisted by means of slicing 10 loops on all sides for the arm play.

3) < / strong> Knit up to 30 loops with 1 lower within the front face.


1) 30 loops are divided into 2, and the straps are knit as halos.

2 ) One drop is produced from the middle section till 9 loops remain within the needle.

THREE) 39 rows of knitted haras. The loop is opened within the fortieth row and finished in the 43rd row.


1) Start with 21 loops and knit 3 rows of harosha, 14 rows of flat.

2) Entrance 2% 1 cuts are made, and 19 lines are finished and sewn.

Dress your candy pocket dress in your babies on beautiful days.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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