Pompom Mesh Bag Making

Sure, as of 2019, nylon luggage and luggage were paid all over!

The day has come for us girls too! We sat together knitting a web bag.

What a ravishing!

Even As the web bag making current wrapped us all, I came through adorning my net bag with pompoms.


1 SpaghettiYarn Cotton Macrame Pink color ip4 mm crochet


1) 10 pairs into the magic ring Let’s do a handrail. (10)

2) 2 double handrails according to loop (20)

3) 1 single, 1 double double handrails (30)

4) 2 single, 1 double double handrails (FORTY)

5) 3 unmarried, 1 double double handrails (50)

6) 4 single, 1 double double handrail (60)

7) 5 single , 1 pair of double handrails (70)

8) 6 single, 1 pair of double handrails (EIGHTY)

9) 7 single, 1 double double handrails (90)

10) 8 single, 1 double double handrails (100)

11) From right here we pull 10 chains and sink into the 5th loop. a complete of 20 meshes can be created.

12) We stick it within the middle of the nets shaped by means of pulling 10 chains. Once More, we pull 10 chains and fasten them within the center of the net next door. We move in a spiral until the scale of the net reaches the scale we wish.

I knit 20 rows like that.

13) We knit the final row with FIVE frequent needles into the ring of chains so that the mouth part is recovered slightly.


Maintain section We Commence from the place we made 5 common needles.

1) Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and make 4 double handrails.

2) Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and get to the highest again 4 Let’s make a double railing. on this manner, let’s knit for 20 rows in general and soar and fix 4-FIVE files.

The take care of duration is up to you, if you happen to need to make it longer, you’ll be able to knit greater than 20 rows. Let’s start and knit and end within the same method.

Finally, we make pompoms on our maintain.

I want buddies to knit

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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