Pompon Baby Girl Sweater Making

Pompon Baby Girl Sweater Making
Pompon Baby Girl Sweater Making

You Can knit colourful cushy sweaters and cardigans to your children with simple baby knitting fashions.

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


FOUR pieces Yarnart Denims Blue (33) color ip4 mm 100 cm line skewer


* Appropriate for two yr old babies.

* Knitted in one piece.

1) Begin with 48 loops from the arm section.

2) 35 rows of harosa knitting.

3) The selection of stitches is higher to 128 by means of adding FORTY stitches on either side.

FOUR) 128 stitches are knitted for 10 rows.

FIVE) Within The forty sixth row, 10 loops are knitted, FIFTY EIGHT loops are flat and 60 loops are knitted. for the reason that 47th row is the opposite of knitting, the loops are knitted as they are coming.

6) In The 48th row, 10 loops are knitted, 3 flat knit and 4th puffs begin to be based.

For Pompom; FIVE stitches are subtracted from 1 stitch. 3 rows are knit the wrong way up and all are accrued together and dropped back to at least one loop.

* Click to look at the pompom tutorial with a video narration.

NINE loops alongside the flat knitting 6 pompom is made.

baby sweater with pompom

8) < / strong> FORTY NINE and fiftieth row is knit flat.

NINE) At The 51st and 52th row, 10 loops are knitted, 7 loops are flat, 111 loops are knitted. (Every Other 4 puffs are made in NINE rows in flat knitting.)

10) After the sixtieth stitch at the flip of the 53rd row, EIGHT stitches are minimize for the collar.

11) 60 loops are held for the back.

12) 60 loops with front face 26 rows are continued within the comparable approach.

13) EIGHTY. IT IS kept in the queue and the again is continued in an analogous method until it’s EIGHTY rows.

14) Within The 81th row, the 2 items are mixed with EIGHT loops and the sample is reinstalled in the unique means.

15) On The 97th row, 40 loops are cut from the sides.

pompom baby sweater

16) 35 rows of 48 loops are finished by way of knitting harosa.

17) Ranked 132. IT IS finished through cutting and sewn.

18) Needle is inserted into the collar with a crochet hook.

Use on nice days!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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