Popcorn Baby Blanket Making

Popcorn Baby Blanket Making
Popcorn Baby Blanket Making


1 ball blue thread1 ball light blue thread1 ball grey thread1 ball navy blue thread4-FIVE ball white crochet appropriate with our rope


Let’s start our knitting by way of making 8 needles into the magic ring.

We go up with 3 chains and make popcorn with 4 handrails on each and every frequent needle. at the finish of the row, we will have EIGHT popcorn. POPCORN DEVELOPMENT We make FIVE double handrails and sink the highest of our first handrail to take away the loop from the back.

We entire our sequence with SIXTEEN popcorn by means of making popcorn in each and every space.

the center a part of our motif is over.

I used ONE HUNDRED FORTY FOUR motifs for ONE HUNDRED * 100 blankets.

We make THREE double handrails within the first space, 2 double handrails in the 2d area, and three double handrails within the 3rd space. there’s no chain in between. The fourth area might be a nook; we make 2 double handrails, THREE chains and a pair of double handrails on the comparable position. We repeat these operations in order till the top of the collection.

One in every 2d row of white thread we’re making handrails and our motif is over.

the method of crossing around with white thread for 36 motifs we make from each and every color We do. i sewed the motifs together.We have to be careful to make mutual loops coincide at the same time as making the merge.

After our merging process is finished, We knit 1-2 rows with double handrails.

Motif You’ll make yourself a knee blanket or a big duvet via increasing the choice of them.

Health in your hand.

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