Pouch-Shaped Daisy Fiber Making

Hi everybody!

How approximately adorning your bathroom with daisies?

we now have brought you an overly great fiber knitting trend!

prepare to pamper yourself with our pouch-formed daisy fiber!

if you happen to are in a position, we’re starting to knit this pretty fiber!


Snowball Crystal hand knitting threads;
Inexperienced (K40376) color thread
White (K010) color thread
Yellow (K330) color thread2 mm crochet

how one can Make

We Begin with yellow thread.

1) pulling 6 chains we create a ring.

2) We make 9 peanuts in the ring by means of pulling 3 chains in among. it’s going to be enough to tug the rope FOUR instances while making our peanuts.

We transfer to white colour rope.

3) We make two peanuts among each peanut by means of pulling THREE chains between them. Therefore, we get 18 peanuts in total.

FOUR) In The same way, we make two peanuts between each peanut and achieve 36 peanuts.

We transfer to green rope.

FIVE) We knit 2 peanuts by means of pulling THREE chains again among the two peanuts. Then we pull 4 chains and leap 1 area, and we pull 2 ​​chains in the other space, knitting 2 peanuts.

Then we pull FIVE chains and bounce 1 area, and we pull two chains within the other space, knitting peanuts. We make sure that that the two peanuts seem as a continuation of every different here. We pull 6 chains between the 2 peanut teams this time.

EIGHT) Next we continue to knit in the similar way. This time we draw 7 chains between the two peanut groups. this is how we finish our first piece. We create the second one round piece by means of following the same steps.

pouch-shaped-daisy-fiber-made-1 pouch -formli-daisy-fiber-making-1

Becoming A Member Of

We Commence with white thread.

1) We positioned the 2 pieces together. From the similar line, we connect our crochet hook between peanuts. We pull out 5 chains and form eyelashes FIVE instances between the same peanuts.

3) We pull EIGHT chains again and lash 5 occasions among the next peanuts.

We knit peanuts within the same method, following the order under. This time, we pull 6 chains among the two peanut teams and attach them on the chain in the gap. Then we pull 6 chains once more and knit the other binary peanuts.

5) We proceed knitting in 3 rows like this.

01692a3418fe1167ea84d2e7d9f591b95c5a506. pouch-shaped-daisy-fiber-development-THREE

We knit with white colour thread.

6) We repeat the eyelash trend we use to join the threshold of the pieces to near the mouth of the pouch.

7) when you need, you’ll embellish front of the pouch with a bow by way of knitting plant life on the finish.

pouch-shaped-daisy-fiber-making i pouch-shaped-daisy-fiber-building

Health in your hand!

for your questions, you’ll write to my sidikaileorguler Instagram account.

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