Practical Rubber Band Making

Hi everybody!

We greet you with the pretty energy of crimson.

This lovable headscarf is very simple and really fun to make!

Soft raffia ribbon coloured thread This headband you are going to make together with your children might be very good for your kids! > Coaching

Sizes are appropriate for 10 years old. you’ll be able to knit to the level you wish to have through converting the width and period.

1) Let’s pull 10 chains.

2) Let’s knit 10 needles.

THREE-56) Let’s knit 10 double handrails.

FIFTY SEVEN) Let’s knit 10 widespread needles.

We use ribbon rubber to gather and supply flexibility. I had a 1cm extensive rubber band. I used it in 2 rows. you can additionally use it in weave width.

practical-elastic-sheet-band-construction-1 practical- rubber-sheet-tape-building-1

And Prepared!

practical-rubberized-sac -band-making

Come easy now!

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