Puff Model Hair Band Making


These Days I brought you a headscarf style that you could make each for your self and on your loved ones.

i’m hoping you prefer it.

Let’s start knitting straight away!


1 Snowball Baby One Light Red (K782) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm crochet


Puff Style

1) Allow the crochet rope fall into the gap and leave it for a long time.

2 ) When We take a complete of 5 ropes, let’s pull all of the loops in the crochet.


1) SIXTEEN chains let’s pull and make a needle to each one from the back of the chain.

2) Again with 1 chain and make a needle via knitting with the blo technique, that may be, from the again of the loops.

Let’s knit 8 rows this way.

3) Allow’s make 1 row of handrails.

4) 1 row let’s knit rubber, let’s do this by wrapping across the back of the balustrade poles.





5) Permit’s kind one row as follows: 1 handrail, 1 from front, 1 from the back, 1 puff, 1 back, 1 entrance, 1 again, 1 puff, 1 again, 1 front, 1 again, 1 puff, 1 again, 1 front, 1 handrail.

6) Permit’s knit the back row as we see.

7) This time, a pant will come among the 2 puffs Allow’s make adjustments. the purpose we should always be careful about here should be the next: we should knit front, again, front handrails among puffs.

puff-patterned-sheet-band-construction-3 puff-patterned-sheet-band-building-THREE

Permit’s knit until we reach the desired period. I knit as much as 19 puff rows.

EIGHT) Then let’s make 1 row of common needles and knit 7 extra with the blo methodology. Let’s combine it with the other end. Allow’s wrap the string in place of the junction so that it does not seem.

Puff style headscarf is set!

Puff Model Hair Band Making

Puff Model Hair Band Making

Health in your hand!

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