Puff Model Knitted Earring Making

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We said that we will overview the puffs that we in most cases use in the fibers by way of earring and we prepared the recipe for the puff type rings.

when you want, you’ll make groups by way of knitting and combining with lace threads.

Desire you favor it.


Snowball Amigurumi Magenta (K1709) colour hand knitting thread2.FIVE mm crochetEarring equipment


Observe: In The puts i discussed as FIVE-pouffe, let the crochet rope be pulled throughout the gap and pull the rope lengthy and repeat this procedure 5 times in total.

1) Let’s make 24 double handrails into the magic ring.

2) Let’s complete the sequence by pulling FIVE chains, leaping 1 slot and protecting on to the opposite. Let’s proceed until there are 12 gaps in overall.

3) Let’s visit the middle of the space with the loop sliding means.

4) FIVE chains Let’s pull it and cling it in the same slot. We do this section to connect the earring equipment. Let’s draw 5 chains and hang directly to the next slot.

puff-modeled-knit-cupet-making-1 puff- style-knitting-cup-making-1

6) Let’s entire the order by way of repeating merchandise 5 on this manner. we must always have 6 puffs in general.

Let’s cut and hide the rope.

puff-modeled-organ-cupe-making-2 puff-style-organ-cup-construction-2

Our puff-model earring is about to be used!

Puff Model Knitted Earring Making

Puff Model Knitted Earring Making

Health on your hands.

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