Puffy Square Knit Earring Making


We continue to knit knitted earrings!

This time i can talk about making puff square earrings. < /

Let’s start knitting in an instant when you are in a position!


Kartopu Amigurumi Blue (K551) colour hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochetEarring equipment

how to make

1) Let’s make the magic ring. Let’s make 2 handrails in total by way of pulling 2 chains among them. Let’s combine it with the beginning.

2) Let’s make 4 puffs / puffs in every slot. Let’s pull THREE chains while switching among the poufs. Let’s move on to the tip of the line.

3) Let’s scroll up to the center of the 3 chains. Let’s pull 7 chains and hold directly to the next slot, pull FOUR chains and dangle on to the following slot, pull 4 chains and cling on to the following slot. on this manner, let’s finish the series by pulling 7, 4, FOUR chains.

puff-square-organ-cupe-making-1 puff-sq.-knitting-cup-making-1

4) For 7 chains as soon as, let’s do the next: FIVE times a total of five chains and hang the socket with a needle. . Within The different 4 chains, let’s make THREE needles, THREE chains, THREE needles. In The different 7 chains, let’s make FOUR needles, THREE chains, 4 needles. Let’s entire the collection in this way. Let’s conceal the ropes.

Our puffy sq. rings are in a position!

puff-square-organ-cupe-making puff-square-organ-cup-making

Well Being in your arms.

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