Rabbit Pencil Box Making

Hi, my pals who love knitting,

you’ll be able to make the varsity more amusing by way of making a laugh pencil containers to your kids. in the event you wish, you’ll simply do it for your self.

As Of Late I Will Be Able To inform you how one can make a rabbit pencil holder that I knit with my daughter.

Let’s get started very quickly, let’s finish it right away.


Snowball Plants hand knitting threads;
1 Fuchsia (K733) color thread
1 Lilac (K708) colour thread
1 Crimson (K792) colour thread
1 White ( K010) color thread
1 piece of Yellow (K330) color thread2.FIVE mm crochetBlack embroidery thread Needle Zipper or snap


Pencil Box

We knit with fuchsia colour thread

1) Let’s get started through pulling 70 chains.

2) one needle to every of SIXTY EIGHT chains, needles to the next, subsequent Let’s complete the row with 139 needles in overall through making 69 needles in every chain.

3) Let’s knit via making 1 needle in each and every loop for 5 rows.

rabbit-pencil-making-1 rabbit -pen-construct-1

4) Let’s knit 139 needles through changing the colour till it reaches the length we would like.




Ears (2 pieces)

We knit with lilac coloured thread.

1) We make 6 common needles into the magic ring.

2) We make 12 frequent needles by means of making 2 frequent needles on each and every widespread needle.

3) We complete the order with 18 frequent needles by means of making 1 unmarried and 1 pair of widespread needles to the stitches respectively.

4-7) We make 1 widespread needle to every stitch and make 18 common needles.

8) 2 respectively to the stitches We entire the sequence with 24 widespread needles via making single, 1 pair of frequent needles.

9-11) We make 24 common needles by making 1 needle according to loop.

12) We knit the knots with 2 widespread needles, then knit 2 stitches together and knit till the top of the row, making a total of 18 needles.

13) We make 1 needle to every sew and make 18 needles.

14) Knit the stitches 1 needle We then knit 2 stitches in combination and knit within the form of decrease 1 to the end of the row, creating a overall of 12 needles.

15-17) We make 12 needles to every sew by way of making 1 needle.

18) We mix the two ends and make 6 common needles through taking mutual loops.

Let’s stitch white effective felt throughout the ears.

Let’s make a small flower with a purple pompom with a rope and a yellow rope.



Through stitching the entire items as in the symbol, you’ll procedure the title on one aspect of the bag and the rabbit at the different side.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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