Rainbow Baby Blanket Making

You’ll knit this excellent blanket to your small children with a colorful, soft and 100% herbal rope.

Let’s get started this zigzag type blanket that you can easily knit! Lux Cotton hand knitting yarn;
2 Blue (70524) colour thread
2 Turquoise (70528) color thread
2 Green (70412) colour thread
2 Orange ( 70220) colour thread
2 Gentle Salmon (70325) colour thread
2 Yellow (70219) colour thread
2 Mild Yellow (70218) color thread3 mm crochet


Get Started with blue color rope.

Our blanket includes 10 slices and each slice is put in on SIXTEEN handrails.

1) ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY chains are drawn.

2) One binary to the first 6 loops from the 4th chain. handrails are knitted, 2 double handrails are made on the 7th loop. Subsequently, one double handrail is made for 7 loops. 2 loops are skipped, 7 double loops are made to 7 loops, 2 double loops are made to eight loops. in this means, the row is knitted to the end. 7 handrails are made and one is larger, then 7 handrails are made and one is diminished.

THREE) 4 chains are pulled, and the second and 3rd loops are knitted together to make a handrail. Then knitting is sustained as within the second row. Attention is paid to extend and reduce locations. sixth and 7th loops within the closing phase are knitted together, then 1 handrail is made to the remaining loop and four chains are pulled and the row is finished.

The coiled handrails on the starting and end of the row ensure that the sides continue directly without any building up. .

Every colour is knitted 12 rows.

gokkusagi-baby-blanket-build-1 gokkusagi-child-blanket-build-1

Your colourful rainbow blanket is set!


gokkusagi-baby-blanket iyesi-yapimi-2



Well Being to your hand!

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