Rainbow Kids Beanie Making

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In This cold iciness days, I share with you the wonderful and instant Rainbow Beanie recipe so they can heat us up, provide us power.

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


La Mia Diamond hand knitting threads;
Mustard Yellow (L003) colour thread
Mint Green (L157) colour thread
Lilac (L167) color thread
Red ( L164) colour thread
Blue (L110) colour thread4 mm crochet wool needle


Sizes are suitable for a long time 5-7.

Twines are utilized in two layers.

Mint green color is knitted with a string.

1) A SERIES of 25 cm in duration is drawn. in the first row, each chain is knitted as one unmarried handrail, that is, by pulling a rope to the tip of the crochet and pulling it in one shot.

2) The Second row is knitted from the again of every loop to the waist of the loops.

Loops seem in V form once we take a look at it, at the same time as we do that, we make single handrails with a unmarried sink to the loop in the back of V. This procedure is also known as crochet tire model.

Blue knit with thread.

3) in the 3rd row, rows are knitted with the similar approach.

4) Then modification one color in every row and knit with a complete of five colours.

These operations are repeated on moderate 4 times. you can measure the child’s head.

5) After making a regular of 32 rows of crocheted rubber knitting, the beret is joined by way of the widespread needle manner at each ends.

6) For the highest of the hat, basting at the wool needle, a bit bit of two layers of thread is made and basting is done at the some distance end, and the hat contracts.

7) The final pompom containing each and every colour is made.

That Is it! It used to be a beret for our kids to knit and faint in 2 hours.



Hey use.

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