Rainbow Kids Sweater Making

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Who does not love the rainbow, proper?

Let your children benefit from the spring with this sweater that you will make for your children!

This sweater that you just can simply knit with simply plain knit you’ll process and embellish with the rainbow template at the end of the recipe.

Allow’s start!


L. A. Mia Pastel Cotton hand knitting yarn;
6 Cream (L050) colors rope
1 Mild Pink (L057) color rope
1 Red (L184) color rope
1 Brown (L188) colour rope
1 Mustard Yellow (L061) colour ip
1 piece Indigo Blue (L187) color ip5 mm 80 cm line skewer5 mm FORTY cm line skewer

learn how to make

Sizes are appropriate for five-6 years old.

All sweaters are knitted with cream-colored thread, coloured threads are used only for the rainbow motif.


start from the shoulders with EIGHTY cm trimmed skewers.

1 . 16 loops begin and knit a flat knit for 15 rows.

2. trong> in the 16th row, 1-2-THREE is larger from the interior of the collar and the loops are held.

the other shoulder is knitted within the same means and 5 loops are added to the center a part of the collar whilst the shoulders are joining.

3. Knit a flat knit for 7 rows.

4. within the eighth position, 1-2-THREE increments are made. , come underneath the armpits and stay up for the loops.


Start from the shoulders with a 80 cm trimmed skewer.

1. SIXTEEN loops get started and 1 row of flat knit is knitted.

2. within the second row, from the interior of the collar 1- 2-THREE increase is made and loops are kept.

the other shoulder section is knitted within the same manner and 5 loops are added to the middle part of the collar even as the shoulders are joining.

3. Directly knit is knitted for 21 rows.

FOUR. within the twenty second row, 1-2-3 building up is made, armpit.


The loops held on the entrance and back are combined to knit together.

1. Whilst sewing underneath the armpit, 4 loops are introduced and a complete of A HUNDRED THIRTY loops are formed in the spit.

2. Knit a flat knit throughout FIFTY THREE rows.

3. Knit 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit across 9 rows and all loops it is completed by way of cutting.


40 loops are pulled out of the sleeves with FORTY cm trimmed skewers.

1. Knit a flat knit for 40 loops 61 rows.

2. Knit FORTY loops THREE in a row, minimize 1 in the type of 32 stitches.

3. 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for 9 rows and all loops are reduce and finished.


80 loops are far from the interior of the collar with a FORTY cm line skewer and 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted and finished for 3 rows.

The rainbow shape is adopted from the template underneath and processed in entrance of the sweater with colored threads. The sweater is finished by attaching tassels with the similar colour threads.

gokkusagi-child-miss-build-1 gokkusagi-kid-leave out -yapimi-1

Just Right health!

rainbow-child-child-construction rainbow-child-child -come up
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