Raspberry Model Cardigan Making

We’ve Got noticed the raspberry knitting trend in our lives due to the fact final yr.

you’ll be able to make cardigans, sweaters, scarves and berets with this a lot-loved knitting trend.


NINE pieces of RuinsWomen Tango Grey colour ip8 and 10 mm skewers (8 mm for tires, 10 mm normal knitting) Wool needle


Raspberry Development Cardigan, 2 pieces entrance, 2 fingers and 1 back FIVE It contains parts. it’s a cardigan type that may be made by means of knitting and slicing straight palms, no collar slicing or making a shoulder.

Front (2 pieces)

1) 23 loops 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber knit is made for 5 rows starting from the beginning.

2) Then knit harosa until 60 cm and end all the loops by way of chopping.


1) FIFTY THREE loops are started and 1 inverted, 1 flat rubber is knitted for 5 rows.

2) Then knit harosha until 60 cm and all the loops 23 stitches are began.


1) . In The Course Of The FIVE rows, 1 opposite and 1 flat tire is knitted. Knit 1 sew in the type of 1 knit, increase the selection of stitches to 46.

3) 3 stitches knit alongside 5 rows, knit 1 loop of simple knit

4) The sixth raspberry style is created. THREE loops reverse knit, 1 loop straight knit, then 3 reverse knit, 7 loops are removed from 1 instantly loop, and then 3 loops opposite, 1 loop immediately, then THREE loops opposite, 7 loops come out from 1 flat loop. on this method, knitting is continued alongside a row. We knit the flat knit within the type of plain knit, and the others in the type of opposite knit.

6) After 5 rows are completed, 3 stitches are knitted so as, 7 loops are taken out of the flat knitting that you simply did not remove from the former sew, We accumulate the 7 loops that we now have removed 3 loops the other way up and lower them in a loop.

We repeat this procedure each and every FIVE rows, this will likely create raspberries.

We minimize them all until they come.

Then we sew all the parts we knit and entire our cardigan.

Excellent health!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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