Rectangular Mesh Bag Making

Hello Girls knitting,

These bags are highly regarded this summer time, and that i tried a few other colours by making minor adjustments. i wished to share those with you. With what I wrote, you’ll be able to easily make the pictures when you cross in a controlled approach. Let’s not put out of your mind that every one the handrails will likely be triple handrails.

1) First we pull 38 chains.

2) We make one handrail to the eighth chain, then bypassing both chains we make 1 handrail to the third chain. We continue until the end of the road. We get a total of eleven containers.

3) We draw 5 chains and visit the highest row, and we proceed to the tip of the row by means of making 1 handrail on every railing we make at the bottom and pulling 2 chains.


4) Once We make the ultimate handrail, we come to the round corner.

We make 2 handrails to the chain, we soar one chain, we make 2 handrails to the other chain and whole the flip. Then we proceed to make one handrail at the handrails until the top of the row. We always make 2 chains and a pair of chains within the corners where we flip round. Let’s not omit…

5) Now we pull 3 chains and go up, and we make 2 handrails on each box, 2 on each field. First we make 2 handrails in the corners, 2 chains within the related area, 2 handrails in the same house and proceed until the top of the row.

6) Now We Have come to the queue to make boxes. We make handrails by means of pulling FIVE chains, going up, jumping 2 chains and all the time sinking to the 3rds, pulling 2 chains between them.

We make duplicates right here.

7) Once We come to the second row of boxes, we pull FIVE chains precisely and cross up. We proceed to pull 2 ​​chains among them by way of sinking to the top of every handrail till we get to the corner .. We make 2 handrails within the area in the corner, once more we make 2 handrails within the related area again and again.


8) The order of filling the bins in the subsequent order is as follows, After We make 2 handrails, 1 handrail on the top of every handrail and come to the nook at the tip, we make 2 handrails in the corner field, 2 chains in combination, 2 chains in the related area once more, so we proceed until the end of the row.


8) You Can continue till you get the dimensions you want.

10) You Can mix it with common needle technique. here is something i would love to draw your consideration to while merging. As you’ll see within the picture underneath, I combined the 2 portions with the opposite aspect within the dark one, however in the gentle one, I mixed the flat surfaces with the inside and became them upside down. if you happen to are conscious, the dark colour is extra alive. I preferred the unification of the light yet one more. the choice is up to you.


11 ) After the joining is completed, you’ll be able to knit the mouth phase as many rows as you want with a common needle. You’ll Be Able To add the stems in the ultimate row or proceed by knitting the stems like my other type ..

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I put plant life on one in all them, I didn’t make a primer, when you want, you’ll do no matter what you need. Now you can do no matter what you want.

Have your colorful luggage this summer time and use them on nice days ..

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