Round Colored Peanut Fiber Making

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I Can share my favorite and curious pistachio style fiber recipe with you.

you can upload joy in your rest room with chirping fiber!

Let’s start!


Snowball Crystal hand knitting threads 2.5 mm crochet


We knit using a row of white coloured threads, a row of colored threads.

1) First we pull our magic ring huge. Then we pull 7 chains and sink into the magic ring, pull the rope into the crochet hook.

2) We draw THREE chains and create 12 handrails inside the ring. within the period in-between, we pull 1 chain among each handrail.

3) We stick with the third of the primary 3 chains we do with out twisting and make needles and pull 1 chain and go as much as the top row.

At this time we change colour and fix the other colour and tighten with 1 chain.

FOUR) 2. we went to our turn. in the interim, we make a crochet thread within the hollow simply on the bottom of the chain, which we regularly needle, and we make 3 huge eyelashes in this method, we pass it thru the hole three times. Then we take the crochet rope and pull it out at once from the 3 lashes we made. Then we pull 1 chain and get bored. We apply this procedure to every hollow.

FIVE) When We achieve the end of the row, we persist with the top hole and shut it with a needle. Instantly after taking his head, we stick with the following hole and perform our knitting with a widespread needle. We pull 1 chain and go to our third row and tie our different color and continue.

6) 3. the similar procedure occurs in our queue, but this time we make two peanuts in each and every hollow and that is how we whole it.

7) FOUR. JUST LIKE THE earlier ones, we close our rows with widespread needles and perform our knitting and alter the thread. In our 4th row, we make 1 peanut in every hollow. We entire this order on this way and transfer directly to the 5th position.

8) 5. In our row, we make peanuts in each and every hole and transfer on to our 6th row.

9) 6. We make 1 peanut in each and every hollow in our row and visit our 7th row.

10) 7. In our row, we make 1 peanut in each hole and move on most sensible.

ELEVEN) EIGHT. In our row, we make 1 peanut in every hollow and go on most sensible.

12) 9. In our row, we make double peanuts in our first hole, we make 1 chain between them and one peanut in the next hole. So we fill it with peanuts in the form of 1 pair, 1 unmarried, 1 double, 1 single.

13) 10. In our row, we make 1 peanut in every hole and go to the top row.

12) 11. within the subsequent row, we make 1 peanut in every hole and end it. We make eyelashes to the very finish.

THIRTEEN) We came to our ultimate row. We make our first peanut and make 1 peanut in our second hollow without pulling 1 chain and pull the 2 in one and close our peanut. We pull the three chains and stick them to the purpose we closed, and shut them. After doing this procedure three times, we pull 1 chain and make a spider.

14) After the spider, we repeat the operations we have done above and therefore we’ve got finished our pistachio fiber.

1970-01-01-02.00.00-25.jpg spherical-fist-fiber-construction-1

Our recipe used to be like this. i’m hoping you’ll love it. you’ll be able to touch me on Instagram. @ilmegimsi ‍

See you in my next recipe…

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