Round Robot Vest Making

Hello !

We ready you a round robbed child vest.

the construction of this beautiful vest is both very easy and amusing!

Let’s get started knitting right away!


Snowball Baby One Prints hand knitting threads3.5 mm skewer


You Can make buttonholes in the preferred interval.

1)   Let’s get started with SIXTY EIGHT stitches.

2) Let’s knit 3 tooth harosa.

3) 7 loops of harosa, again Let’s knit the remaining stitches flat.

4) Let’s continue till the tip of the row as 2 knit-1 increment, 2 knit-1 increment in flat loops, except pats.

5) Let’s knit EIGHT rows directly.

6) Let’s cross up to the tip of the row within the type of 2 knit-1 building up, 2 knit-1 building up in flat stitches. < /

7) Let’s knit EIGHT rows flat.

8) Let’s entire 2 knit-1 increment, 2 knit-1 increment row .

9) Let’s knit FIVE rows directly.

10) When We knit THREE enamel harosha, let’s reduce the hands apart.

Loops have to be 40 for front, FORTY for the arm, 50 for the again.

11) Let’s knit 4 teeth after 21 cm knitting.

That Is it!



Health for your arms!

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