Rubber Model Sequin Hair Band Making

Hi !

Nowadays, we will be able to make a rubbery scaly hair band that you simply can use simply.

Let’s get started knitting this stylish headband very quickly!


Los Angeles Mia Diamond Mint Green (L157) color hand knitting yarn FIVE mm crochet Stamp bead


1) Let’s pull EIGHTY chains for scaly scarf and mix them with start.

2) Let’s make double handrails into each and every slot.

3) Let’s create a tire via making a front tooth and a again teeth handrail.

4) Let’s make THREE extra rows of tires.

5) Let’s make double handrails by sinking from the again lobe of each loop for three rows.

6) Let’s create a tire via creating a entrance tooth and a rear tooth handrail.

7) Let’s make THREE more tires.

8) Let’s reduce and hide the rope.

9) Let’s sew a bead with sequins that can be sewn on the portions of Trabzan.

The scalloped headscarf with rubber trend is set!


Well Being in your arms!

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