Ruffled Plush Scarf Making

Hi everyone!

It Is very easy to make this plush scarf for you to hug and wrap you with its cushy texture!

if you are able for this shawl that you can make from 3 steps, let’s start straight away!


1 Snowball Majesto Cream (K025) colour hand knitting yarn5 mm crochet


1. We accept every of the holes in the higher a part of the thread as stitches from the start of the row. Let’s go THREE loops to the crochet without skipping the loop.

2. Let’s collect the third loop through passing it during the 2nd and primary loop.

3. Let’s repeat the similar procedure until the ball ends.

Our scarf is ready. Accompany your beautiful moments!

Ruffled Plush Scarf Making

Ruffled Plush Scarf Making

Health to your hand!

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