Ruffled Salopet Making

Hi everybody!

We’ve introduced you a very cute type of salopets!

Your kid will love this dreadlocks with the most stunning summer season colors.

Let’s get started very quickly!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads;
Inexperienced (K1391) colour thread
Yellow (K1338) color thread3.5 mm skewer 2 buttons

Making < / h2>

We knit with a inexperienced thread.

1) We Start with 50 loops and knit 7 rows of waistbands with 1 opposite and 1 directly. We make a buttonhole on all sides and knit 7 extra rows of rubber on it.

2) Then we knit 22 enamel harosha. We cut down on each entrance three sides from all sides.

We continue to diminish until there are 14 loops left in our bottle.

3) The Rest 14 loops are FIVE extra enamel we knit and minimize all our loops.

FOUR) We knit the again piece in the same way, however we do not make buttonholes.

5) items of the shorts we sew it from the perimeters and we make ruffle paintings by means of disposing of the loop with yellow thread. Then we stitch the internet part.

We knit with a yellow thread.

4) We knit the straps with the length we want and we make a frill work by removing a loop from the edges.

Salopet is set!

firfirli-salopet-made firfirli-salopet-made

Health on your hands!

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