Scaled Weft Making

Hello everybody!

We Have prepared a very simple, stylish and flashy shawl development for you.

We preferred to knit with black and white coloured threads.

Let’s start knitting this beautiful scarf instantly!


L. A. Mia Angora hand knitting threads;
1 White (L001) colour thread
1 Black (L006) colour ip3 mm skewers Black and white silvery flakes


1) We Begin with 56 loops.

2) 2 we knit flat, 2 opposite rubber knitting.

3) We knit 6 containers with 20 rows of white colour rope and 20 rows of black colour.

4) Then we knit 12 bins with 10 rows of white thread, 10 rows of black thread.

5) On The Other Hand from our 20 row boxes We knit 6 rows.

6) On The large containers with 20 rows, we process our black and white and black and black coarse scales.

Here b u up!




Just Right well being for your palms!

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