Scalloped Lace Baby Cardigan Making


2 Snowballs Child Cushy Hand Knitting yarn 2.5 mm skewers 4 mt lace3 pearl buttons



Beginning with 182 loops. We knit EIGHT rows straight.Then we lower 1 in 1 row and fill 1.We proceed to knit flat within the subsequent row. (While the cardigan is finished, we will double and stitch this part.) We continue to 22 rows of flat knitting. within the 23rd row we knit harosha Then we knit 22 more immediately, the place we intermittently lower SIXTEEN loops. 166 loops will remain on the spit. We knit harosa within the twenty third row, we will be able to knit 2 inverted 2 flat in the next row. Right Here we knit 7 pat harosha on the edges, there will be 8 rows among the buttonholes. After knitting 24 rows 2 inverted 2 instantly, we will be able to distinguish collar and arm. 7 rows of pat, 34 loops 2 reverse 2 instantly 7 loops are cut. 70 stitches 2 opposite 2 instantly repeat 7 stitches are reduce for 2d arm 34 stitches 2 opposite 2 instantly 7 pats are knitted. the other end of the thread will also be connected to the bottle and knit at once with out losing the loops in the bottle. After opening the third marrow, we minimize the first NINE loops for the collar minimize, we cross 1 row and we go again and once more, we go 3 rows and reduce FOUR rows and knit EIGHT rows 2 inverted 2 straight and cut the loops in 2 times.


We Begin with SIXTY FIVE loops. We knit 2 rows of harosa, we knit 17 rows of flat, then we knit 1 row of harosha and knit 22 rows of 2 inverted 2 flats and end.


The loop is far from the cardigan’s collar and knitted in a row of two, on the starting and on the finish. row is knitted and stitches are cut and finished. Flat knitting is sewn on the portions we knit

Just Right well being.

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