Scissor Cover Making

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I came across this protecting scissors duvet at the HobiumYarns Weblog and i find it irresistible!

I depart the recipe right here because i believe everybody needs it. πŸ§œβ€ πŸ§œβ€


Snowball Amigurumi rope;
1 Inexperienced (K1437) color rope
1 Purple (K1769) color ip2.5 mm


X: common needles

V: building up

E: subtraction



We Commence with a green string.

1) Magic ring 6X (6)

2) 6V (12)

3- 6) 12X

7) (1X, 1V) * 6 (18)

8-11) 18X

12) (2X, 1V) * 6 (24)

13-16) 24X


We pass the purple thread.

1) From the bottom of the tail to the left edge 1 We pull 2 ​​chains.

2) We make double handrails through lowering one side of each other alongside the three rows.

We do the similar operation on the proper aspect.


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