Sea Shell Necklace Making

Hello !!

We Like collecting seashells on the beach!

we would have liked to make a necklace that bears the spirit of summer with the seashells we accumulated.

Let’s start knitting in the event you want!


La Mia Lux Mercerized Cotton White (2) colour hand knitting yarn 2 mm crochet sea shellsBead


1) We pull ONE HUNDRED TEN chains . We make double handrails through leaping 2 chains and increasing them at common durations from the third chain. there will be 127 handrails in total.

you’ll be able to do less to increase the oval to face.

2) We make 127 handrails in the 2d row.

3) We make unmarried handrails within the third row, that is, we hit the crochet hook and shoot it at once. on the finish of the row, we pull EIGHT chains and move up and mix them at sure intervals to make 22 slots.

4) Next we come to the end of the final slot we made with the loop sliding technique. We pull EIGHT chains and sign up for them within the heart of the former slots. there’ll be a complete of 21 slots.

5. After pulling 14 chains to the center section and wrapping the head of the crochet hook, we knit 3 handrails to the thirteenth chain and draw 12 chains and return.

6) Once More, FIVE handrails, 2 chains, FIVE handrails By Way Of knitting, we come to the tip.

you can enhance with different stones and beads upon request. you’ll be able to scale back or enlarge the neck measurement.

sea-shell-necklace-making-1 sea-shell-necklace-making -1

Make it simple!

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