Seamless Double Sided Vest Making

Hello everyone!

Because The chilly weather is knocking on our door, today we will be able to knit seamless double-sided wearable vest for kids.

Let’s get started!


2 Snowballs Purple Cozy Wool Salmon (K1770) hand knitting yarn4 number line skewers4 quantity 5 socks skewers8 buttons


Vest is knitted as a complete.

Knitting Trend

1. 1 flat, 1 knit in reverse.

2. Flat knit loops at the entrance face of the knit, reverse knit loops are flat Knit.

THREE. Reverse knit.

4. within the second row, flat knit loops are inverted, opposite knit loops are knit flat. .

5. IN LINE WITH the arrival of the loops, 1 flat and 1 reverse knit.

6. All loops are knit flat. < /

7. The mesh made from 1 to 6 is repeated.

seamless-double-sided-vest-made-1 seamless-double-sided-vest-made-1

Knitting starts from the collar section.

1. Firstly, the line bottle 88 is stitched.

2. the first buttonhole is opened after 2 teeth are knitted.

the following buttonholes will be opened via leaving 14 tooth among them.

< strong> 3. The collar section is completed with FOUR enamel fuss.

FOUR. 5 loops are knitted as harosha during the buttonhole and button paste knitting. Knitting pattern is carried out after the pastes.

FIVE. 15 loops for the front measurement, 12 loops for the sleeve, +2 loops for the waist, 26 loops for the again size, +2 loops, 12 loops for the sleeve, +2 loops and 15 loops for front.

6. 2 loops among the body and hands are knit flat at the entrance face and 24 loops are higher on the starting and finish of those loops.

7. Then the loops of the hands are mixed at the same time as the loops are held in combination. After the mixed loops are knitted about 17 cm with the similar knitting trend, THREE tooth are knitted and the loops are closed.

8. Looped arm loops are connected to socks skewers. FOUR extra loops are removed from the frame below the armpit and introduced to the arms. 3 enamel are knitted and knotted. The loops are minimize after the opposite arm is knitted in the same way.

seamless-double-sided-vest-construction-2 seamless -double-sided-vest-building-2

9. Buttons are sewn each inside of and out of doors in the similar position.


Our vest is set!

upright unemployed-double-sided-vest-construction-4 seamless-double-sided-vest-construction-FOUR

Health for your hand!

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