Seamless Easy Baby Vest Making


We Have Now brought you a very fashionable child vest that you just can knit very simply, simply with harosa knitting.

you are going to wish to knit other colors from this baby vest, which you’ll be able to simply finish in a couple of days.


1 Snowball Child One Yellow (K1310) color hand knitting yarn 4.5 mm skewer 4 buttons


1) We Start 20 stitches.

2) After knitting 3 teeth, we make 3 knits, 1 greenback, 1 cut at the entrance. We knit loops between them till the remaining 5 loops stay.

3) Cut the final 5 loops 2, 1 we knit in the form of dola, 3 harosha.

We opened our first buttonholes.

4) We knit EIGHT more teeth on top.

5) We open our 2nd buttonholes via doing the similar operation on the front face again. We knit the entire loops in the back row with hao.

6) 1 sew on the starting and at the finish we are increasing.

If you need to sew a button from inside of…
seamless-simple-child -aelegi-yapimi-2

Health in your hand!

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