Seamless Pincer Poncho Making

Hello everybody!

I got here with an excessively nice and one-piece knitted poncho knitting trend.

When spring has come, you can dress your kids in this poncho and take a pleasant park travel!


4 Snowballs Baby One Crimson (K150) hand knitting yarn4 mm 60 cm trimmed knitting4 mm 100 cm trimmed knitting2 mm crochet 2 buttons Purple Bushy Pompom

Knitting Ways

Firstly within the pan Let’s briefly give an explanation for the knitting styles i exploit.


I carried out the single brass knitting development as 7 loops. within the instance of unmarried brass knitting, we knit in the first row as 1 reverse and 1 flat. in the subsequent row, we determine the brass knitting fashion by means of knitting on the flat loop, the wrong way up at the flat loop. We repeatedly apply this variation right through knitting. We knit immediately on top of the inverses and opposite knit on most sensible of every row.


We knit the patches at the pan by way of pulling 4 loops with a crochet and knit it in one go, and continue to knit. and the selection of stitches between the following nozzles is 7.



Those poncho sizes are appropriate for 3 years old.

We increase in every immediately row.

5) within the fourth (directly) row, 6 loops at the starting and finish are knitted and 7 loops on the shoulder are knitted in brass. The selection of stitches between the studs is made 7 loops through putting off loops from the fitting and left of every patch. the opposite stitches in between are knit as plain knit.

seamless-pitircikli-panco-yapimi-2 seamless-pitircikli -panco-made-2

6) Loops within the opposite order are knitted as they arrive.

7) We build up in directly rows.

8) 6 increases and seventh increase is done again. Next to the hashasa and on the back augmentation, knitting 2 loops and creating a third stitch is made. There should now be 7 loops among the piers. Knitting with a 60 cm trimmed knit after that with a flat knitting.

In 10 loops, the primary 5 loops and the other FIVE loops are replaced by means of twisting. the following twisting operations are done as a twisting at 6 increments. seamless-pitlet-panco-made-3 seamless-pitircikli-panco-yapısı-3

ELEVEN) It Is knitted through paying attention to the rice braids, increments and percentage of the jets till it reaches the desired duration.

seamless-pitircikli-panco-yapim-4 seamless-pitircik-panco-yapim-4

After 6 burns, 4 more increments and 12 rows of rice i ended knitting.




seamless-pitircikli- panco-yapimi-6


1) ONE HUNDRED AND ONE loops are far from the collar.

2) THREE rows are knitted in 1 row in opposite and 1 row in straight, at the starting and at the end, with 6 troops.

3) Jumps are made in instantly row.

seamless-pitircikli-panco-yapim-6 seamless-pitircikli-panco-yapimi-6

4) 2 stitches directly and three after harosha.

7 stitches are made between each and every of the patches.

FIVE) Here, 3 enamel are knitted, 1 row is inverted and 1 row is directly, and four tooth are made in the carpet.

be certain the jets are proportional.

seamless-pitlet-panco-made-7 seamless-pitlet panco-yapimi-7

6) When FORTY-FORTY FIVE tooth are broken, cutting is done whilst we’re making scraps. the first FIFTY FOUR loops are knitted by way of making prickles. 3 loops are knitted in combination and the remainder 54 loops are knitted flat.

7) Meanwhile, we cut and fold the hood in half and stitch it. once we fold it, it will overlap whilst sewing the prickles and a clean symbol would not happen.

seamless-pitircikli-panco-yapimi-8 seamless-pitircikli-panco-yapimi-EIGHT

8) Pompom is sewn.

seamless-pitircikli-panco- making-9 seamless-pit-beaded-panco-making-9


1) < / strong> 3 stitches are started.

2) The selection of stitches is larger to five by means of increasing each and every row.

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