Shark Pouch Fiber Making

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We introduced you so much of a laugh fiber.

With this a laugh fiber style knitted with special fiber thread, your kids’ tub can be very amusing.

Let’s start !


Snowball Wash It hand knitting threads;
1 Navy blue (K1533) color thread
1 Pink (K1170) colour thread
1 pc White (K010) colour ip3 mm skewer



It begins from the nose with a dark blue colour rope.

1) 6 stitches are knitted and knitting is finished.

2) Increasing one stitch on the proper and left till there are 20 loops. Making the harosa knitting is continued.

3) After 20 loops, the harosa knitting is knitted for 28 rows with out increasing.

4) Then, the suitable and left decrement is made until 10 loops remain.

5) Larger from the best and left till 18 loops are again.

6 ) 5 loops are left at the best and left. EIGHT loops in the heart are minimize.

7) The Suitable and left sides are knitted 2 more rows and all loops are lower.

dog-fish-pouch-fiber-making-1 dog-fish-pouch-fiber-making-1


Navy blue color thread Start with the nose section.

1) 6 loops are thrown and the knitting is knitted.

2) 20 loops from the suitable. and continue to knit via creating a loop increase from the left.

3) 20 stitches knit the harosa for 18 rows and then reduce the entire loops.


The red color is knitted with a string.

1) 6 loops are stitched and the crochet knit is knitted.

2) Knit with a loop by expanding one stitch from the left and right until there are 20 stitches. continue the day.

3) Whilst there are 20 loops, knit harosa knit for 24 rows without increasing.

FOUR) 6 loops until it is left, knit one through one at the proper and left and end all of the loops by way of slicing.

dog-fish-pouch-fiber-construction-2 dog-fish-pouch-fiber-development-2


Navy blue colour knit.

Small Fin

1) 6 loops are thrown and the knitting is knitted.

2) 1 loop is diminished from the correct for 4 rows, 1 loop is greater from the left and all loops are cut.

Massive Fin

1) 6 loops are stitched and the knitting is knitted.

2) 8 1 loop is decreased from the precise around the row, 1 from the left the loop is increased and all loops are cut.

The pink piece is sewn with a white thread within the within the mouth army blue piece.

the massive fin is sewn to the upper a part of the frame.

Small fin is sewn to the bottom of the body.

In Any Case, the attention is processed with a black thread.

kopek-baligi-kese- fiber-making canine-fish-pouch-fiber-making

Health in your hand!

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