Short Sleeve Cardigan Making

Hello all, We’ve introduced you a cardigan with a purpose to suit you exactly this season.

you can simply weave this cardigan so as to upload elegance to you with its turquoise colour and quick sleeves.

Let’s get started in no time!


4 items of Loren Herbal Cotton Turquoise (R091) color hand knitting yarn4 mm ONE HUNDRED cm trimmed spit4 mm sock knit4 items loops5 loops5 buttons

The cardigan starts from the collar.

1. the road of the line is thrown 82 loops. For 2 rows of knit knit.

2. After 2 rows of knit knit, four loops on the part are knitted and the button house is opened, 2 rows of knit knit once more.

One button position is opened in every 14 rows.

3. 8 stitches for knitting, 2 stitches immediately, 1-hole increment, 2 stitches straight, 1-hollow increment, 14 stitches straight, 1 hollow increment, 2 loops straight, 1 hole increment, 26 loops immediately, 1 hollow increment, 2 loops straight, 1 hole increment, 14 loops straight, 1 hole increment, 2 loops immediately, 1 hole increment, 2 loops straight, 8 loops The knitting is knitted by way of knitting and arrange the yoke.

Two instantly loops between the perforated increments are hooked up to the looper.

4. The loops to the correct and left of the needle are higher to a total of 28 loops. The increments are made as a hidden increment from the collar among the harosha and the flat loops.

5. knit from eight to the proper and left throughout the rows, the loops are perforated from the best to the left and the other loops. knit flat. With the verdict of the attention, holes are made in flat loops where preferred. A 1 lower and 1 cabinet methodology is used for the holes. a complete of 294 loops are shaped within the needle.

quick-sleeve-cardigan- make-1

6. 45th row and fingers are separated. the front parts are divided into 52 loops, the again part is SEVENTY FOUR loops, and the arms are FIFTY EIGHT loops. Socks spit is attached to the fingers. The body is split into a total of 178 loops.

7. 58 loops at the sleeves are knit in 12 rows in simple weave. a discount is made in each rows from the armpit. the remainder FIFTY TWO loops are decreased to 40 loops in a single row and a pair of flat and a pair of reverse rubber knit are knitted alongside ELEVEN rows and all loops are lower and palms are completed.

8. Flat knitting is knitted on the body for 178 rows of FIFTY FIVE rows. Holes may also be made with 1 minimize and 1 cupboard in favored puts. Then 2 opposite and a couple of flat rubber knits are knitted for ELEVEN rows and all loops are minimize and the frame is finished.

Buttons are sewn and ready!

short-sleeved -hirka-yapim-3


Well Being on your hand!

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