Short White Cardigan Making


We introduced you a cardigan knitting pattern that you simply will not take with you within the summer evenings.


5 Snowballs Melange Wool White (K010) color hand knitting thread 4.FIVE mm ONE HUNDRED cm trimmed skewers 4.5 mm 30 mm skewers


100 cm Starting From the shoulder with trimmed skewers.

Entrance Shoulders

1. 26 loops are began, a flat knit is knitted from the collar section alongside the 3 rows.

2. Knit a flat knit till the ensuing FORTY loops are FIFTY SIX rows, then dangle at the spit.

the opposite shoulder is began and knitted in the related approach.


Loops are far from the front shoulders.

1. 26 loops are removed for the shoulder, 38 loops are removed from the other shoulder, 26 loops are removed from the opposite shoulder. .

2. 26 + 38 + 26 t NINETY loop is shaped is meshed flat knitting till the 56th row.

3. under the front and rear parts of the seat are joined together at the same skewer 170 the loop is sustained knitting. Straight knitting is continued until the number of loops at the skewers is ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY
by means of creating a THREE-row build up in the collar parts.

4. Knit a flat knit till 119 rows.

5. in the 120th row, 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber braid is passed, 14 rows of rubber braid are knitted and all loops are cut and finished.



knitted with a 30 cm skewer.

1. SEVENTY FOUR loops are far from the sleeve.

2. Knit a flat knit for 30 rows.

3. at the 32, 42, FIFTY TWO, 62, SEVENTY TWO, 82, 92nd rows, the selection of stitches is 60/1, and the selection of stitches is 60.

4. as much as 116th row, 60 loops are knit flat.

5. The choice of stitches is lowered to FIFTY TWO by way of intermittently decreasing at 117th place.

6. 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knitting is taken at 118th position, Rubber knitting up to 131th row is knitted. All loops are lower and finished.


100 cm trimmed knitting needle.

1. 198 loops are removed from the entire collar phase.

2. ELEVEN rows of 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit are knitted. All loops are completed via reducing.


Excellent well being! Use on nice days.

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