Shrouded Rope with Removable Shawl Making

Hello everyone!

I Needed to proportion with you a stylish knitted shawl knitting type that may be easily knitted. Let’s get started at this time! We knit with

7 mm needle.

1) We Begin with 60 loops. We knit the stitches with hawk. you’ll modify the duration to be a minimum of 32 rows.

3) After finishing 32 rows, we insert FOUR loops and depart 1 loop. in this method, we continue to knit till the tip of the row.

4) We put off the loops that we left all the method to the knitting get started aspect, so we pass over it.


6 mm skewer .

5) We knit NINE rows of flat entrance and again knit as reverse weave.

6) 5 rows of knit we knit and shut the loops.

We set the rope in one layer and turn to part crochet.

We knit with 1 mm crochet.

7) Scarf We knit the edges with FIVE rows of spider weave patterns.

8) 6. Subsequent we finish the shawl via making pistachio balls at the spider.


Our scarf is ready!


Put On with health!

in your questions, you can write to my sidikaileorguler Instagram account.

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