Side Buttoned Seamless Cloudy Vest Making

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We brought you a vest type with a view to suit your baby. we would like you to knit this vest, which you can easily get dressed your baby with its side button button. Baby One Cream (K019) color hand knitting yarn, a small amount of black yarn, skewers of THREE.5 mm line, FOUR buttons


suitable for young children 6-12 months.

1 ) It starts by throwing SEVENTY FIVE loops. within the 4th row, the buttonhole is opened at the left facet.

2) FOUR differentiations are made in our style: 7 loops are separated for aspect pat, the sleeve is folded once and 12 loops are knitted flat, once more the bottle is in order that 3 loops are knitted for openwork, the bottle is knitted once more and 17 loops for the back are knit flat, again, 3 loops are knitted again, once more, 12 loops are knitted flat for the sleeve, once more, 3 loops are knitted for front part, once more, ELEVEN loops for the front part knit, knit once more and knit for 7 stitches on the entrance paste.

4) Only the again knit is knitted on the back, and the 3 stitches are knitted as harosha.

5) After SIXTEEN increments, arm cuts are made.

6) Continue by opening a marrow in THIRTEEN rows until we reach the desired measurement.

7) The Place we wish to complete, we make FOUR rows of harassment again and again.


1) Beginning with 22 loops, the first row is knit flat.

2) Then, by means of increasing the loop at the beginning and on the finish, 6 roaches are knitted.

3) Six loops are lower from each side, the rest loops within the middle are knitted and finished in FIVE rows.

I made the decorations via processing the eyes and raindrops, you can do as you would like.

IMG_20190401_112715.jpg side-button-seamless-cloudy-vest-construction

Easy to come!

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