Sirin Patiler Coaster Making

Hi everybody!

We’ve Got introduced these colorful coasters for you.

you’ll be able to finish this cute fashion and start the use of it in a short time.

Let’s start now!


Los Angeles Mia Cottony hand knitting threads3 mm crochet


1) We take 6 chains to our fashion. Then we sign up for our chain and make SIXTEEN double handrails inside of.

2) Take a pin up at the first handrail, take a rope to the highest once more and pretend needle up (single handrail) ).

3) We visit the following handrail hill, that may be, the second handrail. First we make double handrails and then triple handrails in the related position.

4) We visit the side, that is, the third handrail. we are doing triple handrails to the highest again.

5) Again we go to the 4th handrail. we’re doing two triple handrails and double handrails within the comparable place once more.

6) Again, we move on to the fifth handrail. We make a false needle, a regular needle to the similar place, and a unmarried needle to the top of the 6th hand, and a false needle to the similar position. In different phrases, we repeat the former section.

We create 3 enthusiasts on this approach.

We go to the top with some other colour rope.

7)  1, 2, 3, and four handrails, one needle each and every, FIVE, 6, 7, EIGHT, handrails, needles, 9th, 10th, eleventh, twelfth handrails. we knit needles. In this fashion, we complete our THREE levels.

8) We move as much as the highest row, i.e. the third row. As noticed in the photo, we knit our yarn from the center half of our vary and knit handrails on the 1st handrail, double handrails on the second handrail, two double handrails on the 2nd handrail again and two handrails at the 3rd handrail once more.

< strong> 9) We skip three handrails and switch to the facet fan. We do not disregard to do the same operation on one aspect of the spectrum there and then on the different side and leap 3 handrails among them.

Let’s visit our final spectrum!

10) Once More, 3 handrails soar to each We finish this row by sinking two times.

11) We transfer as much as the top FOUR. we commence via fastening the needle from the corner. We leap into the third handrail and make three double handrails, we move subsequent to it and do THREE more comparable operations, there are 6 handrails subsequent to each different. We attach the needle to the opposite facet of the lower range with a common needle and move it over to the opposite.

12) We make all of them as much as the same 4th range with a frequent needle, and we finish this row and transfer to the ultimate row.

13) We do widespread needles as we do within the third row. We get right down to the 3rd row with triple handrails between the fan and give it the shape of paw and we end.

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