Skirt Tulle Ruffle Gilet Dress Making

Hi everyone!

We Wanted this summer to maintain up with the get dressed type, and we ready this gorgeous dress!

Let’s get started knitting this pretty dress right away!


2 Snowballs Baby Herbal Beige (K1861) color hand knitting yarn4 mm 50 cm rounded spike3 mm crochetPricot tulle ruffle1 button



1) Let’s throw the fuschia bottle 140 loops.

2) While knitting the frill tulle first row, let’s make a flat knitting by means of taking the bottle with loops. By Means Of combining the knitting with the ultimate loop, let’s knit our knitting in a circular form only flat.

THREE) After We achieve the waistline through adjusting the duration of the skirt you need, let’s knit 2 flat and 2 reverse rubber for 7 rows.


1) After knitting 7 rows of rubber, let’s knit 1.FIVE cm flat, and break up front and again size 70-70 loops in equivalent number.

2) Let’s knit the body by way of making use of an openwork type as you’ll see within the photograph. If you need, you can follow a special model.

3) Let’s make a discount for the armpit via taking 3 loops from the edges directly.

let’s close the 12 loops within the center at the same time as starting the openwork pattern.

6) After knitting 2 loops for the neckline from the beginning, we make a discount from the interior until it is 16 loops.

skirt-tul-ruffle-gilet-dress-making-2 skirt-ruff-ruffle-gilet-get dressed -made-2

7) 7. at the end of the openwork style, let’s minimize the shoulders directly.

8) Let’s do the same for the other side after 12 stitches cut on the collar.

NINE) Let’s take THREE loops from the sides for the armhole of the back body and minimize one loop from the inside till it turns into FIFTY FOUR loops.

skirt-tul -firfirli-gile-dress-production-3 skirt-tul-firfirli-gile-dress-tutorial-THREE

10) 4.

Let’s continue till the openwork trend is completed and cut 7 loops for the neckline immediately. skirt-tul-firfirli-gilet-dress-construction-4 skirt-tul-firfirli-gile-dress-making-FOUR

12) Next, let’s minimize loops from the interior, knitting THREE loops directly. < /

13) Reduce the stitches in other rows and proceed till the collection of stitches is SIXTEEN.

14) 7. let’s close the loops after the openwork development.

15) Let’s stitch the other shoulders.

SIXTEEN) Crochet with a crochet hook on the back of the drop frame. Let’s make a buttonhole. Let’s sew one button on the reverse facet of the buttonhole.

17) Let’s make a cord by means of crocheting it to the waistband.

skirt-tul -firfirli-gile-dress-production-5 skirt-tul-firfirli-gilet-get dressed-tutorial-5

Health for your fingers!

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